Still Travelling – Faster and Faster

This week Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived in Australia. The Queen is 85 years of age and the Duke is 90. Travelling 10,000 miles, even with the aid of a modern jet plane, is tiring due to the jet lag. Add to that the official engagements in a hot climate.

Also, I called my cousin, Ron,  who lives in the UK. He is 79 years old and has decided to get on board with modern communications. So, he has acquired a computer. We had a very good discussion using Skype. He could see my office in Australia and I could see him in his lounge room in England. We had our own audio visual TV broadcast channel.

Now if you had told the original settlers, who arrived in Australia during 1788, that those things would come to pass they would have said you were mad. During those years, if a person lived till they were 50 years of age they were considered old. They also knew that it took nearly 9 months to sail between England and Australia. So, the thought of seeing someone talking to you on a machine called a television was the stuff of dreamtime.

But, of course, we know that we can travel anywhere in a virtual sense once we have access to Skype and other software. We can also create virtual reality. That is what I am doing with my amazing people project. This week, with my colleague, Henry, we have developed an audio visual version of what it was like when the first colonists arrived in Australia during 1788. We will be making these available for schools and colleges in 2012 and further information will be on our web site.

We live in amazing times? What will it be like in another 50 or 100 years/


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