Team Management Celebrations

Just returned from a grand celebration. Twenty five years ago, I launched a business idea called Team Management Systems with my colleague Dr Dick McCann. Since then the Margerison McCann Team Management Wheel has taken off round the world. The business is based on a unique software system that enables an individual to discover their team work preferences and share them with colleagues. In that way, people can learn how to work together effectively.

Each person receives a personal profile based on a 60 item questionnaire that can be completed online. It has proven extremely reliable and useful. It  is now used in over 160 countries. It is also a way of helping people understand how they make the best use of their talents by matching their personal job and career preferences with the type of work they so. That  invariably leads to a more satisfying life.

Amazing people who succeeded as writers, entrepreneurs, scientists, musicians, engineers and other kinds of work developed their work preferences around jobs they could do exceptionally well. That is a recipe for success and the Team Management Profile Questionnaire can help you achieve that.

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Best wishes, Charles Margerison