All successful organizations depend on great teamwork. That is what we have at the Amazing People Club thanks to  our enthusiastic team members.

Also, all the amazing people who we have met and write about had many people who supported with strong teamwork.The model above shows how we understand and practice teamwork.

There are nine main areas. We cannot all excell in every area, but a team can do so. Looking at the lives of amazing people like Mozart, Henry Ford, Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, Elvis Presley, George Washington and other famous people it is clear they all had teams of people to help them. So, if you want to get ahead then develop and effective team.

I have developed an organization with Dr Dick McCann to help people do that. The above model is the basis for gaining a personal profile of your work preferences and strengths. This can be done online. It is a very effective way of understanding how to improve your own teamwork and those around you. Best wishes.