The Eiffel Tower

Walking through Paris, the City of Light, one late June evening, I passed by the Eiffel Tower. As it stood majestically above me, I wondered  what inspired Gustave Eiffel to come up with such an outstanding design?  How did it all come together? 

It must have been quite a project! So, I decided to conduct a virtual interview with Gustave and  ask him how it all came together. By going to the top of the tower I could see the whole of Paris. Therefore, I researched the life of Gustave Eiffel and imagined what he would say about those days.  See his introductory video HERE

In telling me his story, he joined other amazing people as an honorary member of The Amazing People Club


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  1. Ahh, just love the french accent!! There is something about it. Another inspirational person and I really think the video is great, makes you want to listen to the full audio….think I will go for all the french ones!! thanks for sharing, Lizzie Mc