Travels and Amazing People

Have been out and about travelling for the last 3 months in search of more amazing people. I took a flight from Brisbane, Australia to Vancouver in Canada and then on to Calgary. Both cities were full of people making the best of their lives and I met some amazing characters, all with proud stories  to tell of people who founded their cites.

Next, I went to New York and attended the Book Expo to launch and promote the Amazing People series of publications. Of course, NY is a city that attracts amazing people. I felt you had to be amazing to live in such a hotbed of activity. My next flight was across the Atlantic to England where I spent a good time in the historic walled city of York – famous for its Roman history. Then to Wales to enjoy the annual music and arts Eisteddfod at in a beautiful village called Llangollen in North Wales.

My next journey took me underwater, via the Eurorail to France and on to Belgium. I attended the memorial ceremony at Ypres ( Ieper) – see the picture above  –  in commemoration of the thousands of soldiers who were killed in World War I. Amazing stories of bravery and sacrifice were told,  with people from many countries visiting to pay their respects. Then to the small village of Fromelles in France ,where over 1700 Australian and British soldiers were needlessly killed within 2 days on the 19 and 20th July 1916.

In between these visits, I worked with many people to develop the Amazing People Series of books and audios, which the Hachette Book Group will be distributing.

All of my travels reminded me that we live in an amazing age. Part of my journey was flying through space at over 500 miles an hour in a jet plane and part was underwater in a train. It is amazing what outstanding innovations people can achieve. Therefore, I will present some examples of those who have made our life easier by their amazing achievements in future blogs.


Charles Margerison