Villages, Villes and Visitors

In search of amazing people I like to go to villages and villes.

That is what I do in order to write stories and books for The Amazing People Club.

This time I went to Figueres in Spain. That is where Salavdor Dali, the artist, worked for many years. There is now a grand Theatre Museum, showing his work,  in the centre of the town, as shown in the picture. I was given two tickets. ‘The second one is for the jewellery exhibition,’  said the lady on the gate.

After seeing the well known Dali paintings and some less known, I went to the jewellery exhbiton. It was in a separate room, hidden behind a big black door. Once inside, lights focussed only on the jewellery. Until then I did not know Dali was a jewellery designer and developer. His creations are top classs and worth millions. In my view, they are more impressive than his artistic drawings.

So, if you are in north east Spain, or in south west France, it is worth the time to make a visit. I enjoyed the exhibits and also the town and people of Figueres.