Vivaldi’s Girls and Music


Venice is a beautiful city and the place where the great composer Antonio Vivaldi was born in 1678. Most of us have heard his music, particularly the’ The Four Seasons’ which is very popular. However, we are fortunate to be able to listen to many of his great works. They were left in a monastery and remained gathering dust for about 200 years. In 1926, the monks at San Martino, a small town north of Genoa,  decided to clean out the dusty old cupboards and found some music manuscripts. Scholars at Turin University realized they had discovered 14 folios of  Antonio’s work which contained 140 instrumental works, 29 cantatas,  and 12 operas. it was like finding a hidden gold mine.

Four years later another great find was unearthed that brought back to the sunshine over 300 concertos and 18 operas, plus more than 100 vocal-instrument pieces. Wow – it was like a treasure chest. But how did Vivaldi come to write so much music?  For years, he was the master violin tutor of  orphan girls at at  the Pio Ospedale della Pietà (Devout Hospital of Mercy) in Venice where he composed music for the orchestra.Those and his later compositions puts him my Amazing People Hall of Fame. Who would you have in yours?

Thanks to washuugenius for use of the flickr photo