When I travel, I always ask people who is the most famous person from the town where you live? It always starts an interesting conversation. I find out a lot about the town or city and also about what the people I am talking to0 like or dislike about it.

 I was in the city of York in the north of England. I was introduced to a remarable man by the name of Ivan. He was a voluntry guide in the York Minster and the city.

He had heard that I was interested in amazing people associated with the city of York. He arrived for our meeting with a list of 15, and gave me and my colleagues a fascinating account of how each person contributed to the history of York.

There are many people who give there time to help others. They do so with goodwill. They may visit those who are ill in hospital or support the elderley or help family members in distress. We should celebrate them for they are all amazing people.