Ways of Learning?

Playing a RoleWhat comes to your mind when you see the names of Einstein, Michelangelo, Marie Curie, and Napoleon? Was it their country of birth, their gender, their language, their religion, or some other criteria. My research into the lives of amazing people point to a vital factor – their achievements.

Walt Disney, Elvis Presley, Coco Chanel, Oscar Schindler and other amazing people are are recognized by what they achieved. In short, rather than let other people define them, they created their own role.

That is an important aspect of the amazing people I have studied. They did not let the social system define who they were. They chose roles were they could excel, rather than being caged into a system were they would have been mediocre players in someone else’s game.

Walt Disney decided early in life he wanted to be an artist who would provide entertainment and education for children and adults. Elvis Presley had a speech impediment. He did not let it get in his way, as he became a singing star. Coco Chanel  lived in poverty during  her early years, but redefined her life as a high society lady and millionairess. Oscar Schindler was a spy for the Germans in the Second World War, but changed to be a humanitarian who saved the lives of many people.

On the road of life there are many challenges. The way we respond to them determines who we are . It is what we do that defines us, not where we come from, or the titles or qualifications that we gain.


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