What Can You Achieve?

Amazing Achievers
Amazing Achievers

Mozart heard his father play the violin. As soon as he could hold the instrument, his father gave him lessons. No doubt, young Wolfgang said to himself, ‘I can do that, if I try.’ At the age of six, he gave his first public concert. Before long, he was touring the concert halls of Europe.

Florence Nightingale did it in nursing. Charles Dickens and Mark Twain did it in literature. Einstein and Pasteur did it in science. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs did it in business. They all identified their talent, plus developed their  confidence and  ‘can do’ attitude to make something of their abilities.

About 100 years ago, a young man saw some drawings and said, ‘I would like to do that.’ He practiced both day and night. That included sketches on the side of the ambulance that he drove for the Red Cross in France, at the end of World War I. Despite many commercial ups and downs, he succeeded by creating a cartoon of a mouse that is now world famous. So it was that Walt Disney developed his talent and an amazing business.

I am fascinated by how people identified their special talent and used it in a way that made them famous. At some point in their lives, they all saw someone practicing a skill and said, ‘I can do that.’

We now recognize people like Einstein, Darwin, Helen  Keller, Andrew Carnegie, Dr Elizabeth Blackwell and others as amazing people.But, how did they do it? That has been the subject of a number of life stories that I have written. They are called bioviews, which is short for biographical interviews and now available in the Apple I store Amazing Leaders Series.They are used by teachers to introduce lessons to inspire students to say, ‘I want to do that’.

People who succeed no doubt work hard, but in specific areas. We recognize them for developing a level of perfection. Therefore, we can review the psychology issues associated with such efforts. It has been said those who succeed are very determined, like to win, hate to be beaten and can be rather obsessive and compulsive about pursuing their goals. To what extent does that apply to yourself?