William Shakespeare – The Avatar-

An Amazing Leader
An Amazing Leader


William Shakespeare wrote very little about himself and his family. In that respect, his life is a mystery. Or, is it?

In the new Apple i Book  titled William Shakespeare, he comes to life in the form of an avatar. It is very life like.

The new book is very readable because you can push press and click your way through it. Yes, the book has audios, videos as well as quiz notes, career notes and timelines. This is a book like no other you have ever seen about Shakespeare.

His birthday was the 26th April 1564. So, if he was alive today he would be celebrating his 449th birthday. It is a mark of his considerable achievements that we still remember him and his work.

His writings have proved enduring and, in that sense, he is a leader in terms of ideas and achievements.

The series in which the publication appears  is called Amazing Leaders and features other amazing people.