Women and Equality

Amazing Women

August 26th is the day in 1920 that women first got the right to vote in the USA national elections. It is now celebrated throughout the US as Women’s Equality Day. However, many people would question if women do have the same rights as men when it comes to work payment and opportunities.

Some women, however, have taken control of the situation and made themselves equal and more so through their actions. In my book Amazing Americans, I celebrate a number of women who succeeded. Amelia Earhart is renown for her aviation exploits and record breaking. Beulah Henry took her innovative ideas to New York during the 1920’s and set up a number of successful businesses. During the time of slavery, Harriet tubman escaped and then led other slaves to freedom in the north of the country. Margaret Sanger took action to help women know more about their health and in particular about contraception. All these women were leaders in the fight for a more equal society.

But, there are many unsung heroines who never wrote or spoke publicly about their activities. August 26th is the day we remember both the women and the men who have been active in ensuring that equal rights exists in practice, not just in the law. In another book, called Amazing Women, I have presented  stories of outstanding women who were more than equal to the challenges they had to face.

However, the way things are going in terms of social changes it may become necessary to enact a Men’s Equality Day!!