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Multi Media Museums

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To assess new developments in multi- media applications, I took myself on a tour of museums and expos . From the traditional art galleries to the new interactive science expos for students, it was a fascinating journey. On the way, I travelled through history and into the future. On balance, too many of the exhibits […]


New Year 2014

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What will this year bring? There will be commemorations of the 1914 – 1918 war when millions died, yet historians still find it hard to discover why ? We know the what, then when, where and how. But, why a local conflict became a world war is still somewhat of a mystery. Could it happen […]


Can You Make Yourself More Intelligent?

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Can You Make Yourself More Intelligent?

When I was just 11 years of age, I had to take an educational exam. There were lots of puzzles and logical (but to me not so logical) problem solving exercises.  It was part of the process for choosing who would go to the grammar school (mainly a place for students perceived as having academic potential […]


How Did The Beatles Learn?

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Can you learn by acting a role? An interesting study has just been made that shows  role plays and drama classes  in  school has the potential to help students learn more effectively and learn improved life skills. The article in the Journal of Education Psychology says that students learn more when they take on roles. Our own […]


How Amazing Are You?

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For fun, you can assess how you rate yourself on our amazing people criteria. This has been developed based on the interpretation of the lives of amazing people. Allocate scores on the following scale, based on your own self assessment on the items listed : 0 – Not at all 1 – Very little 2 […]


Amazing People TV

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Galileo could see the stars, but he would have been amazed by television. Leonardo da Vinci dreamt of flying machines, yet he never viewed videos. It is less than 90 years from the day that the incredible innovator John Logie Baird proved that pictures could ‘fly’ through the air. Now, most children and many adults  take […]

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